Reincarnation and Christianity: Missing Link

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Jesus affirmed the law of karma and reincarnation taught in the Old Testament. Yet the Christian Church from the Church Fathers all the way to the present leadership has not acknowledged the record of Jesus’ teaching on these subjects but has vehemently denied it.

In Karma and Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the teachings of karma and reincarnation in the Old and New Testaments and shows that these beliefs are the fulfilling of God’s love for each of us very personally and very intimately.

“I believe that the concepts of karma and reincarnation are the most important concepts that we can know and understand to discover the meaning of life, to answer imponderable questions, to understand our reason for being.” Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet unfolds the lost teachings that Jesus gave to his disciples two millennia ago. She reveals the very personal instruction he is imparting today to those whose hearts are inclined towards Truth.

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